In Bleach Game the Shinigami are a new race added with the exciting adventure expansion and the race is only available via the Shinigami Bleach Online. Along with the Shinigami as a race, the pack also contains a bunch of items from the bleach world artifact, to two different sets of fashion items, a Bleach Online Slaying, and a whole bevy of glyphs that provide the powers of the chromatic dragons for a limited time each.
The Shinigami race themselves allow players to place +2 in any two abilities making the race extremely versatile. As for racial abilities, Shinigami receive Shinigami Fury—a 5% chance when attacking to apply Shinigami Fury for 6 seconds, increasing power and critical strike by 3%–and Bleach Online—receive 5% more healing from all sources.
The Shinigami themselves also have an entire set of new racial quests added to the Protector’s Enclave and around the Bleach Online. The arrival of the Bleach Online content has led Shinigami natives to sail into Bleach to assist combatting the browser game rpg.
With the bleach world boss expansion comes the addition of an entirely new class: the Bleach Online. Bleach Onlines gain their control of eldritch powers through deals with extra-dimensional fiends—and this is exemplified through the fully-voiced Bleach Online quest line, which itself is a treat. As a class, Bleach Onlines are a sort of support-DPS hybrid, who strike from a distance and harass foes with heavy damage or by hexing enemies and buffing allies.
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